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The Process of Your Project

Many times new clients start with an idea or desire for a website or marketing portfolio feeling overwhelmed and at a loss on how to approach the project. Perhaps you tried to design your own business cards or website with less than satisfactory results.

Pam understands that if you had the skill and patience to tweak all those fussy, meticulous details that she thrives on, you would not need her. Therefore, there is no expectation that you know how or what to do.

Phase 1


What is the goal of your website or marketing piece? Who is your target market? Are you going to be selling items on your website?  Will you need an image gallery, a blog, or an email marketing newsletter?

In search of clarity ... We will discuss page content and design needs in a face-to-face meeting or oftentimes  remotely via phone calls or emails. 

Phase 2


Submit your content in electronic form. Handwritten content will drive up the labor costs on your project. But by all means, if you have more money than you have time, Pam will type content.

If you are putting your face on your website, have a professional photograph taken. Your potential customers will reject you over a bad photo. Be professional. This is not Facebook. All photos or artwork must be submitted in a 300 dpi format. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Phase 3


This is where the "tszuj it up" happens. Pam will place all content, graphics files, video clips, connect and test all links, upload documents, submit your site to search engines, optimize your key word searches ... and more.


The complexity of your site drives the timelines. Once all of the information is received and your job is scheduled, your website can be live in about 15 to 30 days, barring any technical problems or unforeseen issues. Clients often have new ideas as a project evolves. This will affect the timeline as well as the cost. Pam's current workload will affect the scheduling of your project. Please state your timelines clearly so expectations can be managed on the front end.

Phase 4


You have final say over the look and content of your website. Please keep in mind that a website is similar to a large body of water—it is ever changing. It needs to be kept fresh and interesting. It is not meant to be a piece of art carved in stone that stands still for eternity. At times, clients can get stuck in a thought process about perfection. A site can go live if you are missing that one key photo. It's not a problem to simply add it later.

Finally, you read your website over carefully word-for-word and let it sit for a few days then revisit it with fresh eyes for final inspection. As soon as you are happy with it, Your website will go live. Training will occur at this point on how to maintain it. If you would rather have Pam maintain it she will do so, billed in real time, in tenths of an hour.

Know who you are!

Keep your website simple, be clear, and concise. You know your business better than anyone else. At times, this may become a period of tremendous personal growth as you fine-tune your thoughts and define yourself and your needs. Pam is happy to serve as your editor, creative director, and coach. It's okay if you feel frozen at times. Pam will gently walk you through the process with help and encouragement.

"Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service." —Steve Jobs


Marketing business card for Pam Dazey

Why Details Details?

Pam Dazey offers cost effective marketing solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She believes in you using your resources to grow your own business! You can focus on the details of your business that you do best and Pam will focus on the details of your business that she does best!

Is this solution a good fit?

  1. Have you been trying to self-design a marketing portfolio only to find your designs look like all of the other business cards on your local coffee shop bulletin board?
  2. Or perhaps you have spent hundreds of dollars with less than mediocre results?
  3. Do your business card, marketing materials, and website look like an amateur mishmash?
  4. Are you in a hostage situation with your graphic designer who has apparently fallen off the face of the earth or never provided electronic versions for laborious expensive projects?
  5. Are you an independent entrepreneur with a small budget but you know you need some kind of marketing collateral?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are my ideal client.

"My specialty is providing a unique design, with continuity throughout your marketing portfolio, in a cost-effective, easy reorder system for you to manage. Once I design it, you own it and will have control to reorder at will or to make simple changes to your website. I often place reorders for clients only because I know how to obtain the lowest possible price. But that is a skill I can teach. I find that most business people would rather spend their time on their own businesses and pay me to handle the details."   — Pam Dazey


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  • banners
  • business cards
  • business identity
  • brochures
  • email marketing newsletters
  • flyers
  • gift certificates
  • holiday gift cards
  • integrated email solutions
  • invitations
  • labels
  • note cards
  • notepads
  • postcards
  • presentation folders
  • promotional items
  • rack cards
  • special event marketing materials
  • stationery
  • website designs that you can maintain
  • wedding portfolios
  • and more!