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7-Day Food Planner

Poor eating habits are usually the result of poor planning. A weekly food plan as a lifestyle will help break the habit of Fast Food, and replace it with "Good Food Fast". Create a family meal prep day and have your food ready for the week.

Personal Health Journal

A detailed accounting of lifestyle habits can be a powerful tool for finding the deeper cause of many health challenges.

Candida Questionnaire

Chronic sugar cravings may be caused by a systemic yeast condition. Candida illness can affect men, women and children. Explore the yeast connection in your life and help you take charge of your health. 

Visit the Yeast Connection.

White Enamel Dish Pan for Foot Soak

I looked high and low for foot pans that I could use in foot reflexology sessions. I am absolutely against soaking feet in plastic tubs because studies have shown that endocrine-disrupting chemicals are leached from plastic products. This enamel dish pan is large enough to fit large feet, has handles for easy carrying, and is safe for your health.

Pregnancy Nutrition

 During pregnancy you may feel tired and nauseated most of the time ... however ... eating clean and obtaining high quality nutrition are key for the growth and development of your baby. Be mindful of your food choices 

Dietary Tips for Nursing Mothers

 Significant hormonal shifts go on in your body when your milk comes in for the first time, and this is often compounded by difficulties in establishing a nursing routine. Midwives jokingly refer to the forgetfulness and moodiness many new mothers experience as "milk-brain." Some women become weepy during this time. Be patient and expect the nursing relationship to take a few weeks to establish 



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